Increase the number of returning customers with simple mobile and SMS loyalty programs.


Customers easily recognize the benefits of loyalty programs and often join them, but do not actively use them. A physical loyalty card is often put away, and without a proactive engagement strategy it is often forgotten.

Loyalty programs combined with messaging channels and SMS enable a persistent and instant dialogue with customers, while also encouraging them to remain loyal to the brand.

The biggest advantage of digital loyalty programs for end users is that they do not have to carry physical cards with them or remember their customer IDs. Since a customer can be assigned to a single mobile number, it means that the loyalty program can always be used without physical cards, logins or apps – even if they forget their phone at home.

With our help you can set up your Mobile SMS loyalty program tailored to the needs of your company, on channels that your customers prefer.

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SMS notifications with special offers for loyal customers guarantee higher conversions.

Loyalty programs are actively used when customers are regularly informed about current offers and benefits, as well as when they can quickly and easily check the status of their points. Messaging channels are the ideal for this function.


Customers can simply log into a loyalty web portal with their mobile phone number.

Usernames, passwords or physical customer cards are no longer necessary. All the customer needs to remember is their own mobile number.


Use mobile marketing instruments to turn one-time buyers into loyal regular customers and brand followers.

Customer segmentation and offer customization.

By segmenting customers, you can send offers based on their personal preferences and previous actions, which increases the response rate to your loyalty program.


Motivate your customers to continue being a member of your loyalty program through engaging offers.

Appealing dialogue and response templates can improve your brand’s communication, and help you always keep in touch with customers through interactive conversations.


Extend your CRM data with a mobile and SMS loyalty program.