Communicate seamlessly across multiple channels with our omnichannel platform.


The way we communicate is constantly changing. Instant Messaging apps like Viber or WhatsApp have become the norm among end users and with increased use they are increasingly assuming an important role in the business environment, be it sending notifications and information or promotional communication and sales. 

Companies know where their customers and prospects are. However, as the number of messaging channels constantly grows, without the right tools, it is impossible to maintain seamless communication across all channels.

Our Omnichannel platform allows you to do just that – communicate across all channels your audience prefers, on a daily basis. You can use it to maintain the conversation even if the recipient changes their device, location, or app. You can conduct your entire communication through a unique, intuitive interface.

Create an Omnichannel strategy for your business.

A conversation across different channels

The omnichannel allows for a seamless dialogue between companies and customers across all channels.

Interactive and rich-content experience that resonates with users

Ensure a superior user experience and invite users to interact using the different channel functionalities.

Global delivery within seconds

With worldwide connections and intelligent routing, you can reach up to three billion users where they want to be reached.

We'll show you how to optimize the flow of information in your company, as well as towards customers and the online audience.



messaging-omnichannel-platform-preview Messaging-Omnichannel-Platform-mobile-view
  • Powerful, scalable and multi-tenant
  • Tracking and evaluation of the delivery results
  • Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Number cleanup for always up-to-date contact lists
  • Intelligent routing with global connections
  • Separate test, production and live settings
  • Security with high-end monitoring
  • Powerful infrastructure on your own cloud in Zürich


Single interface

An interface that allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing systems such as CRM and customer service and use the possibilities of omnichannel in everyday life.


Intelligent routing

Our system automatically learns where you can best reach a customer and automatically sets the right channel for you. Whether SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, or RCS, etc. You are present everywhere.


With our e extensive experience and the technical know-how, we connect companies with their customers by making seamless conversation possible.

Accurate contact lists

Omnichannel platform will make sure your customer database is up to date with regard to telephone numbers. It comes with an integrated MSISDN-lookup feature.


Real-time analytics

Every single message is tracked. In the web portal, every company can track all messages sent and measure the campaign performance.


Connect with your users and audiences on all channels through our Omnichannel platform. Free evaluation of the strategy.