Simply conduct automated surveys on mobile phones and generate positive online reviews.


With customer surveys and voting, you let your customers participate in the design of services and products, because a customer-oriented company secures your market position in the long term.

Classic surveys consume a lot of time and personnel resources, and the response usually takes long or does not arrive at all. This is why you should get feedback from your customers via SMS or messaging apps, where your customers are already present daily.

Automated surveys via SMS and messaging services are quick to set up and, more importantly, user-friendly and popular with customers. This makes your company look contemporary and the response rate is four times higher than with emails.

Collect feedback and comments, enabling end users to fill out surveys more easily.



Consumers trust reviews and their buying behavior depends directly on the experience of other customers.

Cleverly designed requests for evaluation increase your online ratings and give your company a trustworthy image.


Messaging apps offer intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and answering templates for surveys.

The fact that users can share their feedback easily and directly via their smartphone increases their participation rate many times over.


Unsatisfied customers share their negative experiences with those around them on average two to three times. Therefore, you should quickly resolve negative feedback to avoid the snowball effect of negative opinions about your company.

By responding to opinions from customers, you can improve your service and increase customer satisfaction.

SMS surveys make it easy to obtain feedback in the shortest possible time in order to optimize your customer support or service offered.


With customer feedback you can not only optimize your service, but also upsell too.

No matter the type of feedback, by using promo codes and discount vouchers you can increase the chances of customers coming back.


By sending an SMS with a URL, you can immediately send surveys to your customers and design them dynamically.

Link the answers to your CRM system, or make the answers public to encourage other participants to take part in the survey.


Set up automated surveys and voting using SMS and Messaging apps and get a direct real-time insight into your customers' opinions.