2-Way SMS: The Most Efficient Business Communication Channel

You may be scratching your head and thinking, “What? SMS? But there are so many new modern channels, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc.”

But yes, you read that correctly. Good old SMS is still relevant, and in fact, more powerful than ever.

Today, everyone is talking about various apps and channels out there like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, RCS, Instagram, Telegram, WeChat, Signal, KakaoTalk, LINE, etc. Companies are trying to keep up by using as many of these omnichannel communication channels as possible, but with more channels come more problems, such as practicality, cost, a smaller number of users, low open rates, and all sorts of other headaches. Costs are skyrocketing, and these services are not as profitable as they initially seemed.

This is where 2-Way SMS comes in to save the day. 2-way SMS enables businesses to have interactive conversations with their customers—where both parties can send and receive messages. This means that customers can reply to messages sent by a business and even ask follow-up questions or provide additional information.

It is often used for customer support, appointment scheduling, feedback collection, contest marketing and other use cases where businesses need to have a more personalized and responsive communication channel with their customers.

For example, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, it’s important to include clear opt-out instructions in all SMS messages sent to users. Using 2-way SMS is an effective way of achieving this and giving customers control over the messages they receive.

2-way SMS

2-way SMS is lightning-fast, with delivery speeds that put other channels to shame. And best of all, its delivery rate of 100% makes SMS available 24/7, no matter where your customers are in the world (even if they’re climbing a mountain). This is a significant advantage over other communication channels that rely on internet availability. And of course, no internet access means no message can get through.

Next, let’s talk about readability. With a 160-character limit, SMS messages are short and they get straight to the point, making them easy to read and quickly digest. Additionally, studies have shown that people are more likely to read and respond to SMS messages compared to emails or other forms of communication.

SMS is also incredibly cost-effective, both for businesses and for customers. Sending an SMS message is often cheaper than making a phone call or sending an email—while many mobile plans offer unlimited texting.

And let’s not forget about protection from spam and unwanted messages. Unlike email or social media, SMS messages are much harder to spam, thanks to regulations and safeguards put in place by mobile carriers. This means that customers can trust that the messages they receive are legitimate and from sources they trust.

In short, 2-way SMS is a service that offers the fastest and most reliable delivery compared to other digital channels. And, it can be delivered as quickly as the same day it’s ordered. All of this means that businesses can communicate with their customers instantly, 24/7, with minimal wait times.

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